10 Best Hot Summer Makeup Tips For Oily Skin On Eyes

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Summer and my oily skin… just the thought of it makes me cranky. Every summer I fight the fight to keep my makeup on and looking flawless (especially on my eyes), and every summer I seem to lose. What we oily-skinned people need are some summer makeup tips that really work, even for our slippery problem.

For those of us with oily skin, summer makeup tips can present more than one problem. We want to use products that protect our face (and especially delicate eyes) from the heat, sun, and elements… but some of the chemicals in cosmetics and ingredients in makeup have an adverse reaction with our skin type, leading to (gasp!) even oilier looking skin. Also the excess oil in our skin makes us more acne-prone. Therefore, we might have to use multi-purpose cosmetics in order to avoid layering on too many pore-clogging products.

So what in the world is an oily-skinned girl to do? Very simply, focus on these 10 best summer makeup tips, designed to keep even oily residue on eyelids in-line during the most sweltering of summer days.

1. Cleanse – Start each day with a clean face, and be sure to cleanse at night as well. But don’t overdo cleansing; you will actually end up stripping your skin and delicate eyelids of necessary oils, and it will have to produce even more. Instead of chemical-filled astringents and toners, try wiping your T-zone with natural witch hazel oil (it’s not actually oily…). Don’t use it around delicate eyes though.

2. YES to moisturizer – Oil does not equal moisturized skin. It still needs moisturizer, but make sure it is light and oil-free! And even though your eyelids seems like a grease-slick waiting to happen, the skin around the eye is some of the most delicate on your face. You need to protect it and keep it moisturized. We recommend dermatologist recommended best hypoallergenic lotions by Cetaphil for a budget friendly option, and Cliniderm’s irritant-free (safe for even the most sensitive skin!) selection if you don’t mind paying about $19 for 100ml.

3. Primer is key – This is one of the best summer makeup tips around. Primer for both eyelids and face can be a life-saver for your look. It allows for a smoother base for makeup application. Look for oil-free, oil-absorbing brands, which will increase the wear of any colorful eyeshadow or mattifying foundation. This includes eyelash primer, which acts as a fortifying, mascara-thickening base for your lashes. Not only will it help to keep you from mimicking a raccoon, with mascara melting down your face, it will help keep the attention focused on those pretty peepers of yours!

4. Powder – Look for talc-free and oil-free brands. Also be sure to use a makeup sponge to apply after primer and foundation to help set your look. And the following will prove to be not only one of the best summer makeup tips for oily skin on eyes, but also one of the most important tips for your overall skin health long term: don’t forget to check your products with EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (www.ewg.org/skindeep/) to ensure that your powder’s ingredients are actually safe to use!

5. Blotting papers – Keep some of these little miracle papers close-by during summer months. This one of our best must-try summer makeup tips will help curb the need to add more products to your eyes while ridding you of the yucky oily residue that leads to shadow creasing and eyeliner runoff.

6. Hydrate – Drink plenty of water! Keeping your body hydrated from the inside out keeps skin clearer. That means cleaner pores and fewer breakouts. It will actually also help to cut down on your body’s production of excess oil on face and eyelids.

7. Switch product formulation – Oilier skin in warmer months requires lighter, more oil-free products (that especially applies to cream shadows and highlighters).

8. Waterproof eyeliner – Liner designed for waterproof use can usually stand against oily skin on lids and eyes longer than regular kohl liners. And with the wide range of colors, you can accentuate any bright eye makeup look for summer with a pop of bold waterproof liner.

9. Add flair with false lashes – For an all-day emphasis on those shining eyes of yours, try false lashes by Minki Lashes, made of real cruelty-free Siberian mink! With the right glue, they last through the heat and humidity of any day, longer than mascara alone. Try applying accent lashes or those partial ones designed just for use on the outer corners. One often overlooked benefit to wearing high quality Siberian mink false lashes (such as those by Minki Lashes) is the fact that you can reuse them (unlike cheap synthetics that not only stiffen over time but can release harmful chemicals!). That’s one of the best fake eyelashes tips for your wallet! And it’s very simple to learn how to clean false eyelashes. With a pair of tweezers (used to pull off the glue residue), and a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or witch hazel oil (used to wipe clean the lashes themselves), you can keep your false eyelashes looking fresh and lovely all summer.

10. Treatment masks for reducing excess oil – Once or twice a week apply an oil-absorbing mask; it will also help draw out impurities.

With these handy 10 best summer makeup tips for oily skin, you will be able to glow… without all the nasty shine. The bright spot in all this is that those with oily faces in their youth are thought to have fewer wrinkles as they age. It may not mean much in the middle of August, with 100% humidity, and your foundation dripping off the end of your nose…but hey, lemonade out of lemons, right?

Source: minkilashes.org