An Exclusive Interview of Naila Nayem

Naila Nayem, a successful dentist from Bangladesh also has a different identity. In a modest country like Bangladesh she has had the audacity to break away from the norms and create her own path. We appreciate her refreshing daring attitude and thought why not bring the young talented rule breaker forefront and inspire others to do something unconventional. Here we have an exclusive interview with Naila for you, the reader to get to know her better.

Relaxa: Naila Nayem, what made you to come into the showbiz world?

Naila: Working in media was my hobby and I cherished this dream for a long time. From the great desire to work in showbiz and to fulfill the dream to work in a ground where I can deploy my merit and beauty, I felt motivated enough to enter into showbiz world.

Relaxa: How do you feel to expose yourself on media in a country like Bangladesh?

Naila: I think, the necessity of exposing largely depends upon the role of the character. If the story or the particular character demands then the exposure is a necessity.

Relaxa: What kind of man attracts you the most?

Naila: Man having the courage of being honest all time and having good sense of smartness with a good heart attracts me most.

Relaxa: What kind of experience have you faced so far to get involved in this industry?

Naila: It was not a smooth journey to reach at this successful position. It required lots of hard work, firm dedication and commitment to reach this stage. However, I firmly believe that it is the relentless support from my fans whose continuous appreciation keeps me motivated all the time and made me reach at this level.

Relaxa: Do you think censorship is a liability for artistic expression?

Naila: Censorship is required for certain numbers of audience. However, sometimes based on the demand of the story or character; absence of censorship could be allowed to have a better artistic expression.

Relaxa: How keen you would be to be a cover girl for FHM or Playboy magazine?

Naila: Actually, the modeling in our country has not reached to a stage from where; currently we can have the thinking to work for FHM or Playboy magazine. However, if any opportunity arises in future, based on the circumstances I will decide at that time.

Relaxa: What is your future ambition?

Naila: Within a short period of time, I have secured a successful position in showbiz. However, I intend to move forward and want to see myself into a new height in the modeling arena of Bangladesh as well as in film industry.

Relaxa: What do you do in your leisure time?

Naila: Being a mainstream model and a dentist, usually I remain so busy with my jobs. However, my pets are the center of attention of my life. Whenever I get some leisure time, I would like to spend time with them, taking care of them.

Relaxa: Naila Nayem In a word.

Naila: Hard-working.

Relaxa: Have you ever fallen in love or do you have any celebrity crush?

Naila: We’ve all had celebrity crushes at some point in time. As a human being I am not the exception. Whenever I watch good acting performance from any actor, I would have a crush with that individual. However, specifically, I am a big fan of Vidyut Jamwal. I love his acting and action performance.

Relaxa: What you think about Nudity and Art? As you can see in lots of movies, especially in the western world or even in India; they have some controversial scenes. So what would be your perspective?

Naila: Nudity and Art have become an integral part in some of the movies especially in western world and India due to the requirement of the story or to represent the character in a better way. In many cases, nudity is itself the object of a film or is used in the development of the character of the subject. I believe that, for the requirement of the story, nudity and artistic presentation can be acceptable. I believe that nude scenes in films have had to be justified as being part of the story.

Relaxa: Any message for Relaxa audience?

Naila: If you want to be successful, there is no alternative to hard work. At first things might not seem very good but with time and firm dedication; the dreams come true. Enjoy what you do and give it your best shot and the world will come to your feet. In addition, I would like to say that Read Relaxa more and wish that all Relaxa readers would have successful life ahead.