Gas shortages force clay stoves back to Dhaka

Mounting shortage of cooking gas over the past two weeks has forced many in Dhaka to turn to traditional ‘chulhas’ or clay stoves. The well-off can afford to buy LPG cylinders, but lower-income households find them too expensive and are turning to clay stoves. Madhu Khan, a resident at Dhaka’s Agargaon, has just made a stove from clay he bought ...

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Bangladesh remembers its sharpest minds after hanging top pro-Pakistan killers

Bangladesh is observing the first Martyred Intellectuals Day after the execution of the Al-Badr commanders who had killed the brightest minds in wanting to take out the guiding lights of an emerging nation. Sensing defeat in the Liberation War in 1971, the Pakistani occupation army and its collaborators killed many university teachers, doctors, artists, writers, journalists and other prominent Bengalis ...

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